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Soi Buakow Beauty Salon fronts drug dealers operation

Soi Buakow Beauty salon fronts drug dealers operation

At around 9:00pm on May 15th, Pattaya police made their way into a beauty salon located on Soi buakow after  receiving reports that drug dealers were operating behind the scenes.

Entering the salon, police found a 33 year old Thai lady from Nakhon Sawan, who said that she was the owner of the salon.She seemed a little nervous when police entered and rightly so as it only took police a matter of minutes to search the premises and find what they were looking for.

The first reaction from the suspect was to play the denial game, however, after heavy questioning from police, she admitted to supplying the ICE (methamphetamine), found by police.

In total 28 bags of ICE were found, weighing in at a grand total of 14 grams.

Police had all the evidence the need to arrest the suspect and take her down to the police station for further questioning and charges.

This is just the latest of several raids carried out by Pattaya police recently, although there is strong evidence to suggest that the bigger fish are yet to be found.

According to police, the raids will continue well into the future with the hope of curbing Pattaya’s drug problem.

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