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Beach umbrella operator on Jomtien beach spark outrage

beach umbrella pattaya one march 15 2024

Outraged residents and tourists at Jomtien Beach found themselves in a frustrating situation when a beach umbrella operator was accused of monopolizing parking access in what is supposed to be a public area.

This behavior sparked immediate concern among beachgoers, leading Deputy Mayor Wuthisak Rermkijakarn to swiftly intervene. On Tuesday, March 12, the Deputy Mayor personally visited the location of the incident and stressed the importance of keeping public access open to all, without hindrance from any commercial interests.

Efforts to mediate between the parties involved faced challenges due to conflicting statements. Nevertheless, the operator was given clear instructions to follow regulations strictly and treat tourists fairly.

To address such misconduct, a series of disciplinary actions were put in place. Initial violations would result in a 15-day suspension, with repeated offences escalating to a 30-day suspension. Persistent misconduct could ultimately lead to the withdrawal of the operator’s business license.

Wuthisak reaffirmed Pattaya City’s dedication to ensuring fairness and legality in beach operations. He emphasized the municipality’s commitment to protecting the rights and access of both residents and visitors.

Encouraging public participation, Wuthisak urged individuals to document any inappropriate actions by beach umbrella operators and report them through the Pattaya Contact Centre hotline at 1337.

Additionally, residents of Na Jomtien in Sattahip raised concerns about ongoing disturbances and unauthorized commercial activities on the beach. While these issues have been addressed with the help of local officials and law enforcement, the community feels that the resolutions have been temporary rather than permanent fixes.

In a separate incident on March 8, a group of hungry monkeys descended from Khao Sam Muk onto Bang Saen Beach in Chon Buri province amid scorching temperatures. These monkeys, with desperation in their eyes, eagerly sought food from unaware tourists, some even resorting to climbing cars in search of sustenance.


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