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Battle for the convenience stores in Thailand

battle of the convienece stores pattaya one march 9 2024

Thailand stands out as a prominent and rapidly expanding convenience store market in Southeast Asia, boasting a network of over 20,000 stores countrywide.

Key Highlights:

7-Eleven holds a dominant position in the market with 12,740 stores and aims to increase its footprint by adding 700 more stores within the next year. Thailand’s convenience stores enjoy a substantial portion of the global packaged grocery market share, with more than a third of total sales flowing through this channel. Anticipated growth of 18% in 2022 is projected for the convenience store sector in Thailand, fuelled by escalating demand for quick consumption and ready-to-eat offerings.

Thailand’s convenience store sector not only represents a significant share of the packaged grocery market but also entices customers with its convenience and top-up assortments. The market leader, 7-Eleven under CP All, operates more than 13,000 stores and has plans to unveil an additional 700 outlets over the upcoming year. Following closely is FamilyMart, under Central Retail, with 450 stores. However, FamilyMart has disclosed intentions to depart from the market and rebrand its stores as Tops Daily, a supermarket format under the same corporate umbrella.




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