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Bars in Pattaya Inspected for Underage Staff

According to Lieutenant Colonel Surachet Aneksri of the Pattaya City Police, they randomly checked Pattaya’s karaoke and hostess establishments to check for underage employees and patrons, illegal substances, and operating after the establishments’ posted closing times.

Diamond Club Pattaya and Jacky Karaoke were both determined to be functioning legally and according to the laws after being examined by Pattaya Police.

No consumers or employees under the age of 18 were discovered, and no one tested positive for illegal narcotics in a urine test.

Additionally, they are ensuring that companies only operate during times that are permitted by law and that employees and customers have their ages verified.

Along with thanking the venues that had been reviewed to ensure that they were functioning lawfully, he also promised to do additional venue checks.

In Thailand, having intercourse with a minor is prohibited, regardless of whether it is consents or not. A minor is somebody who is under the age of 18.

If found guilty, the sentence ranges from four to twenty years in prison and substantial fines. The maximum sentence for convictions is life in prison, with the severity of the penalties increasing with the age of the child.

For sex offenses committed overseas, many Western nations prosecute their citizens.

Thailand has reciprocity agreements in place with a large number of UN members.

These agreements enable those who are discovered having sex with children in Thailand to be prosecuted. They must face criminal charges in the country of which they are citizens.

Thankfully Things Have changed.

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