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Killer of former bar girl in Pattaya claimed he was attacked with a glass shard

Four days after her passing, on May 20, 2023, tenants of an apartment building on Soi Buakhao in the center of Pattaya reported smelling something foul in the area. This led them to search the area and discover the woman’s decomposing body. This week, police promptly apprehended the offender after identifying him.

Following the arrest of her on-and-off partner on Tuesday as he sought safety in his native province of Samut Sakhon near Bangkok, Thai police investigators in Pattaya are still reviewing the evidence in the gory and tragic death of a former beer bar hostess in the early hours of May 16th last year. After claiming she had used it to strike him first in a heated argument, her 39-year-old killer stabbed his fiancée four times, the last one behind her right ear with a shard of glass. In connection with the violent death of a 32-year-old lady, whose decomposing body was discovered on Saturday, May 20, 2023, inside an apartment on Soi Buakhao in the center of Pattaya, Thai police detained a 39-year-old male in Sakon Nakhon on Tuesday.

The victim was identified as Ms. Rattana Thammarak, also known as “Rat,” who, until recently, worked as a beer bar hostess in the resort city and was well-known for her friendly and outgoing disposition. The deceased woman, 32, was from the province of Buriram and was looking for new employment after recently losing her position at a beer bar in Pattaya.

The province of Buriram, where Ms. Rat’s mother resided, was her native land.

Although it is known that the young woman had lately lost her work at the beer bar establishment, she was attempting to avoid going back home and looking for another job.

The Pattaya Police Station opened an investigation under the direction of police lieutenant colonel and deputy chief of investigations Thananon Athipansi.

Residents of the apartment complex had been complaining about a foul odor coming from Room 308 for several days when the facility’s maid, a 61-year-old known to police as Ms Suwapetch, phoned the police to the property.

When the door was unlocked, the young woman’s body was discovered bloated, decomposing, and covered in blood, shards of glass from a damaged wall picture, and indications of a struggle. On May 16, the apartment complex’s housekeeper reported seeing a blood trail, but she assumed it was caused by cats fighting or chasing after prey.

The housekeeper did admit that on May 16 of last year, a blood trail was seen near the flat, but this had been attributed to local cats fighting or slaying prey by other animals. However, building residents reported to police that they heard a guy shouting and a lady sobbing from the apartment on the morning of May 16.

A man who was allegedly known to the police and who was seen leaving the apartment building on a motorcycle in the early morning hours was identified by police.

Police informed the media that they had three suspects in the case shortly after the homicide investigation was launched on May 20.

When they first started looking for three suspects after launching a homicide inquiry, authorities discovered that the 32-year-old victim had been stabbed four times by her assailant.

The young woman had many stab wounds to her face, arm, neck, and shoulder, according to Pattaya Police Station Superintendent Police Colonel Thanapong Phothi, but a wound behind her right ear was what ultimately killed her.

Through witness interviews and the analysis of CCTV material, police were able to follow their suspects.

Within hours, detectives had requested an arrest warrant for Watcharapol Ansongkram, 39, also known as “Kik Kilo 10” or “Kik,” at the Pattaya Provincial Court.

On Tuesday, May 23, police in the nearby province of Sakon Nakhon arrested Mr. Kik after he had gone to seek assistance from his family and then returned to Pattaya to be questioned by officials.

The accused individual told authorities what had occurred in the early hours of May 16th of last year, and he had tangible proof to back up his claims.

The accused guys admitted to the police what had occurred on May 16 in the early hours at Ms. Rat’s residence in residence 308 of the complex on Soi Buakhao.

The couple had been dating, but it fizzled out, so they stopped seeing each other altogether.

Mr. Kik was just made unemployed as well, and he was having his own financial issues.

He said that the young woman owed him 30,000, but every time it came up for discussion, she continued avoiding the subject.

He claimed that on this particular occasion, the woman had been obnoxious and unpleasant to him. She bit him ferociously despite his attempts to shield her mouth with his hands.

A large picture frame on the wall was smashed to the floor during the intense altercation between the two, leaving broken glass fragments behind.

Angry girlfriend at least once stabbed him with a piece of glass.

He claimed to the police that the victim had grabbed one up and started to attack him. He said that she had at least once stabbed him.

He said that when the situation became out of control, he became alarmed and stabbed the woman three to four times with some of the glass until she fell to the ground. In order to decide whether charges will be brought against the arrested individual, police have told reporters that they are looking into the details of the crime as stated by the suspect.

According to reports, the man had bite marks and a stab wound in addition to showing evidence of having been hurt with glass fragments in his hand.

Just a few days after she was last seen on May 14—the day of Thailand’s general election—he was detained by police on a charge of assault that resulted in Ms Rat’s death in the early hours of May 16.

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