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Babies body found in rubbish

On Monday night, the corpse of a newborn baby girl was discovered in a garbage pile on South Pattaya Road.
At 10:06 p.m., the terrible discovery was reported to Pattaya police.

The police hurried to the incident location outside a Big C department store in South Pattaya to investigate after collaborating with Sawang Boriboon rescue services.

Mr. Sompat Boonkampha, a 50-year-old recycler/scavenger, told police he was scavenging for recyclable materials in rubbish piles near South Pattaya Road when he discovered a plastic basin containing a black plastic bag.

Sompat grabbed the bag, curious about its contents, hoping to find something worthwhile to sell. He was astounded to discover a newborn baby’s leg when he untied the bag and began to explore inside.

Sompat claimed that his body began to quiver as he became overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation.

He promptly contacted the police to report the distressing discovery and demanded emergency assistance after regaining his calm.

The inspecting police told The Pattaya News that the child’s umbilical cord was still linked to him and that he had been deceased for at least 24 hours.

Another witness, Ms. Ea, who works at a restaurant near the incident area, stated that at 8 p.m., she spotted a suspicious couple parking their motorcycle near the waste pile in question.

The male was chubby, whereas the female was tall and trim.

The woman then got off the motorcycle and walked to the pile while holding a black plastic bag, which she then left beside the bin.

According to Ea, what drew her attention to the man was that he seemed restless, frequently looking left and right. The couple then sped away in their vehicle.

Police were reviewing security camera footage in the neighborhood to identify the people who abandoned the murdered baby at the trash heap.

The small body was taken to the Central Institute of Forensic Science for a post-mortem investigation by rescuers.



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