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Australian comedian and Dame Edna Everage creator Barry Humphries passes away at age 89.

Humphries achieved fame for a variety of personalities over the course of a seven-decade career, including the vulgar Sir Les Patterson.

Humphries had a seven-decade career that spanned theater, television, books, and movies. He was known for his absurdist, uncomfortable, and transgressive humor. His cast of personalities, some of which would go down in comedy history as some of the most beloved comedic creations ever, poked fun at Australian society. The stereotypical Australian dude Barry McKenzie, Dame Edna Everage, the garish, waspish Moonee Ponds housewife from Moonee Ponds, Sir Les Patterson, the drunken and rude Australian cultural attaché, Sandy Stone, the basically decent but senile.

These days, shocking people is considerably simpler, according to Barry Humphries.

“I defend my right to give deep and profound offense to the fullest extent possible,” says Barry Humphries.

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The 1990s drama Ally McBeal gave Everage, in particular, a recurring role, as well as multiple talk programs, an appearance on Saturday Night Live, and other opportunities. Particularly “wonderful outlets,” according to Humphries, were Everage and Patterson. My own speech is subject to extreme caution. While the emperor’s nudity can be cited by Edna and Sir Les.He maintained his brilliant mind, distinctive wit, and generous nature right up until the very end, according to a statement from his family. He spent more than 70 years performing on stage, touring up to his death in one year, and he had more shows planned but regrettably they will never happen. He was a true entertainer. He never treated his listeners with indifference since he valued them highly. He was a painter, author, poet, collector of art in all its forms, and a fan of theater in general, however his work in the theater may be what most people remember him for.

In addition, he was a dedicated and loving spouse, father, grandfather, and a lot of people’s confidant and friend. Numerous lives are left empty by his demise. Millions of people laughed at the characters he created, and they will endure.

Anthony Albanese, the prime minister of Australia, remarked that Barry Humphries had delighted us for 89 years with a variety of characters, including Dame Edna and Sandy Stone. Barry was always the galaxy’s brightest star, though. He was both gifted and a gift, a remarkable writer, humorist, and one-of-a-kind individual. His peace be with him.

John Barry Humphries, who was born in 1934 in Kew, Melbourne, grew up performing and dressing up. His “boring” upbringing in the lush district of Camberwell, where he was raised by working-class parents, was spent “disguising myself as different characters.”

Making people laugh was a terrific way to make friends, and I also discovered that amusing people gave me a great sense of release,” he added. If someone was laughing, they couldn’t strike you.

His earliest long-running character, Dr. Aaron Azimuth, a cloaked dandy and dadaist, reflected his love of literature, theater, and the arts as a youngster. As he left Melbourne University in 1953 to make his stage debut at Melbourne’s Union Theatre, he never completed his studies there.

Early on, Humphries’ legendary series of bizarre performances in the midst of everyday life revealed his lifelong fascination with dadaism. In one, Humphries boarded a Melbourne tram in disguise as a Frenchman to beat a partner who was pretending to be blind, much to the horror and disgust of other passengers. On airplanes, he would empty a tin of Heinz Russian salad into a sick bag, pretend to vomit, and then eat it. In a different, he would put a glass of champagne and a serving of roast beef in a trash can, pretending to be a vagrant as he dug through the trash and sat down to eat in front of bewildered spectators. I tried to make theatre come to life, he added.A role that would dominate his entire career was Edna Everage, who he first developed in 1955 while performing in the Melbourne Theatre Company’s production of Twelfth Night on a tour bus across rural Victoria. The sharp-tongued housewife was a caricature of the priggish streak Humphries observed in his parents’ age, especially in his mother, with her lavender bouffant and winged glasses. In a later statement, he said, “I recognized the inherent bittersweet comedy of suburban life.”

He moved to London in 1959 and made friends with a number of British comedians and satirists there, including Dudley Moore, Peter Cook, Alan Bennett, and Spike Milligan, with whom he would collaborate frequently. Along with Cook and Moore, he costarred in his debut film, Bedazzled, from 1967. He also penned the Private Eye comic strip The Wonderful World of Barry McKenzie and performed in a number of West End shows, including Oliver!, The Demon Barber, and a role as Long John Silver in Treasure Island with Milligan.

The 1962 opening of Humphries’ debut one-man performance in London, A Nice Night’s Entertainment, drew negative reviews. Housewife, Superstar from 1976 marked his big-screen debut. Humphries brought the program to the US in 1977 as a result of its success in the UK and Australia; he later summarized the unfavorable reviews with: “When the New York Times tells you to close, you close.When Humphries moved to London, he described himself as a “dissolute, guilty, self-pitying boozer,” and his friends and family began to worry about his alcoholism. Humphries’ parents brought him to a private hospital to dry out during a trip back to Australia in the early 1970s after they discovered him in a gutter, having been battered to death. He tried to aid Cook, who subsequently passed away from an alcohol-related disease, but he never drank again. “I haven’t touched a drop for almost 50 years,” he told the Observer in 2022.

In The Adventures of Barry McKenzie, which he co-starred in with Milligan and Cook in 1972, Humphries brought his comic strip to life on the big screen. The film was Australia’s most commercially successful production at the time. During a cameo appearance by the then-Australian prime leader Gough Whitlam, McKenzie’s aunt Edna was elevated to dame status in the 1974 sequel.

Humphries brought the idea to the US in the 1990s, creating Dame Edna’s Hollywood. Everage had her own talk show in Britain, The Dame Edna Experience, in the late 1980s, delighting viewers with snarky and waspish interviews with celebrities. Barry Humphries even penned numerous books as her, including the 1989 autobiography My Gorgeous Life: the Life, the Loves, the Legend. When speaking in interviews as Edna, she would assert that he was her manager and that he had also written several of her songs. Humphries won a Tony Award in 2000 for his portrayal of Everage, a role for which he was nominated for an Olivier in 1979 for best comic performance. Humphries compared his success to “winning a thousand Gold Logies at once.”

The Great Goblin from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Bruce, a great white shark from Finding Nemo are just a couple of the characters that Humphries has played over his career. Additionally, he had brief appearances in Da Kath and Kim Code and Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. He also made an appearance in the sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shock Treatment.He claimed to always travel with a copy of Melways’ street directory so he could wander Melbourne’s streets and “dream of Hawksburn, Rosanna, Aspendale, Gardiner, Dennis and Spotswood” despite spending 40 years living in West Hampstead, London.

Four children were born to Humphries’ four marriages. His final union, which began in 1990 with actress Lizzie Spender, lasted until his passing. Why has this most recent union remained stable? Oh, I’m a little smarter now, he once said. I’m not a particularly simple person to be married to, the truth be told.

He received a CBE for services to entertainment in 2007 and was named an Officer of the Order of Australia in 1982. In response to the latter, he stated, “I’m deeply honored.” I can finally face Sir Les Patterson and Dame Edna Everage on more solid ground.

The Barry award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival was renamed as a result of a slew of problems surrounding Humphries’ remarks regarding race and gender in his final years. In 2018, he told the Guardian, “It’s so much simpler to startle people these days. The fact that I live in a society that is so conservative even though it claims to be liberal is immensely provocative and, as a result, motivating. The idea is absurd.

He stated in 2012 that he was “starting to feel a bit senior” and would be leaving the live entertainment industry. He did, however, begin another tour of the UK ten years later, when he was 88 years old.

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