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Arrested on Charges of Human Trafficking

Arrested on Charges of Human Trafficking

The police detained the 38-year-old suspected business owner, who was only known to the public as Ms. Yardpirun, and accused her of human trafficking with the intent to exploit minors under the age of eighteen—that is, trafficking people for the purpose of exploiting them without their consent.
One of the three young victims—who was purportedly related by blood to the shop owner—was purportedly seduced into prostitution.
The police officers informed the public that Yardpirun advertised employment openings on social media platforms, emphasizing a unique service to clients. The proprietor then offered a prostitute with a ready room and condom after the investigation team had been sent in to pose as a customer for a drink.

Yardpirun allegedly confessed to the police after being arrested, and she was then taken to inquiry officials to face more legal action.


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