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AOT raise passenger service tax for outbound flights

AOT raise passenger service tax for outbound flights

Because of the increased operating costs of the networks, the AoT had to implement the new passenger service charge. Beginning on April 1st, next year , the AoT will increase the fee per person for departures abroad from 700 baht to 730 baht and for departures within the country from 100 baht to 130 baht.

Cupps offers Common Use Self Service, which allows travellers to self-check in at airports or up to 12 hours in advance of departure, as well as Common Use Terminal Equipment, which modernizes the check-in process.

Additionally, according to Mr. Kirati, Cupps offers a self-service baggage drop that reduces line-ups at check-in counters.

Cupps has been designated as an aeronautical charge by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), which has approved the raise, he said.

Additionally, Cupps is computed in accordance with Section 56 (1) of the Air Navigation Act, which permits aviation authorities to levy the fee in support of passenger amenities and airport upgrades.

Mr Kirati added that the minister of transport has authorised the increased charge rate.

He continued by saying that the law states that the money raised from the fee would be utilised to pay for safety precautions and airport upkeep in addition to the purchase of new facilities.

In order to bring airport technology up to par with worldwide norms, the AoT will likewise prioritise its advancement.

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