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Another Death by an Ignorant Thai Driver

Thailand refuses to work with any foriegn agencies or organisation and believes only Thai people can solve all issues within the Kingdom.
Clearly this is never going to work and even under a Junta Rule (Military) it’s actually got remarkably worse. So whats the answer?

A video posted by the ambulance driver to Facebook showed the pick-up continuing in the right lane despite sirens wailing behind.
Driver Weera Boonjit attached to Nong Phai Hospital in Petchabun told Daily News Online that he thought the pick-up driver might not have heard him.
So twice he spoke on the loudspeaker to implore the rude driver to get out of the way.
After more than a minute the driver finally pulled over.
But the damage was done because this delay was vital. The hospital had been contacted by a member of the public about a dying potential victim of drowning at the Sapsomphu Waterfall.
The member of the public had decided to take the victim in his own transport and meet the ambulance at an agreed spot. But due to the delayed ambulance the meeting was not kept – and the victim died before the ambulance could get to there to give help.
Weera also replied to some people online who asked why he didn’t undertake to the left.
He said there was smoke from burning creating danger and because it was a built up area with slow moving vehicles and motorbikes on the left he would be putting the five person crew of the ambulance as well as other people at risk by moving to the left.
Daily News are running a campaign to try and get Thai drivers to improve their habits. So far it seems to have fallen on deaf ears though in their story they admitted that many more polite and aware drivers had already moved over to let the ambulance through before this incident occurred.

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