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Angry Russian tourist shaves part of barbar’s hair

Barbar shop jomtien bangkok one Feb 3 2024

In an unusual incident at a salon in Jomtien, Thailand, a hairdresser found himself in a challenging situation when a Russian customer became angry and took a razor to shave part of the hairdresser’s head. The incident took place on January 25th when Mr. Supachai Maneecharoen, a 32-year-old hairdresser, was cutting the hair of the customer.

Due to a language barrier, the customer used hand gestures to explain his desired hairstyle. Despite his efforts to interpret the instructions, Mr. Supachai apparently didn’t meet the customer’s expectations, leading to frustration. The customer then unexpectedly grabbed a razor from the table and quickly shaved a section of Mr. Supachai’s head before swiftly leaving the salon on a motorcycle. Understandably shaken by the incident, Mr. Supachai reported the incident to the Pattaya Police Station.


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