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Alcohol may have ended womens life infront of husband

Alcohol may have ended womens life infront of husband

A Thai woman unexpectedly passed away in front of her husband , setting off a terrible scene on the streets of Pattaya.

The 42-year-old woman, Khamai Sangbut, unexpectedly fainted on Soi Thung Klom Tan Man 29 in Pattaya and passed away without being able to be revived.

Sawang Boriboon’s rescue services were informed of the critical situation and swiftly drove over to the location. Officers from the Nongprue Police Station were with them to make sure the event was thoroughly investigated.

Khamai’s motionless body was discovered on the ground, free of any obvious wounds or signs of wrongdoing.

The absence of any visible damage led the investigators to suspect that she may not have died suddenly and unexpectedly from external causes.

However, an official report from the autopsy, which is being done at Banglamung Hospital, is what the police are currently awaiting.

Prachuab Yingyongyuen, her 49-year-old husband, saw it and it broke his heart. He described how he had found his wife’s body as he waited for the rescue crews.

Khamai fled their home in the middle of the night without saying why. Prachuab had headed out on his motorcycle in search of his wife out of worry, only to discover her by the side of the road. She passed away in front of him before he could take her back home.

Prachuab said that he was unsure of the precise reason behind his wife’s untimely passing. He did, however, divulge to the authorities one important fact: Khamai was a lifelong alcoholic.

He claimed that she had given up drinking two days prior to her sudden illness.

This information may be essential to comprehending the events leading up to her death.

It is a tragic incident that exposes the negative consequences of substance abuse, leaving a man grieving the loss of his wife and a shocked community.

Only a post-mortem examination can provide answers to the unanswered issues that the occurrence has raised.

The circumstances surrounding Khamai’s unfortunate demise are still a mystery at this moment.

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