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Air New Zealand to weigh passengers

Reports state that an airline will weigh overseas passengers to increase flight safety.

Air New Zealand assures passengers that their weight won’t be displayed for public viewing.

According to reports, Air New Zealand will weigh all of its overseas travelers in June.

The data will be used to estimate average passenger weights, which will help pilots determine the weight and balance of their aircraft.

Those who decide to participate will aid the airline in conducting safe flights, an official said.

Prior to some Air New Zealand flights leaving from Auckland International Airport until 2 July, passengers who participate for the program will be weighed, according to

The load control improvement specialist for Air New Zealand, Alastair James, reassured passengers that their weight would not be made public.

The merchandise, food, and bags in the hold are all weighed before being loaded onto the airplane, the man stated.

We use the average weights that we determine from this poll for customers, crew, and cabin luggage.

According to a remark from him provided by Sky News Australia, “It’s important because we need to know the weight of everything that goes on our aircraft.”

Mr. James told customers that their weight would be recorded in confidence on a computer screen and would not be visible to other passengers.

Although the study will concentrate on international travelers, the airline will also consider domestic travelers in 2021.

We are aware that standing on the scales can be intimidating, Mr. James added.

“We want to reassure our clients that there isn’t a display anyplace. Nobody, not even us, can tell how much you weigh. It is entirely private.

“It’s easy, it’s voluntary, and by participating, you’ll help us fly you every time safely and effectively.”

According to, Air New Zealand stated that at least 10,000 passengers were need to take the poll in order for it to be valid.

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