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A motorcycle rider has fatally rear ends a pick up truck

In Sri Racha, a pickup truck was performing a U-turn when a Thai guy on a motorcycle rear-ended it and was killed.The tragic accident was reported to Sri Racha Police around 5:00 AM on Saturday, May 20th. It took place on a road in the Nong Kham sub-district of Sri Racha district, Chonburi province. Together with rescuers from the Puthasamakhom Foundation, the police sped to the scene.Police responded to the scene of the accident and discovered a black Honda PCX motorcycle laying in the middle of the road, surrounded by broken bike parts. Its frontal section was destroyed. Along with the motorcycle, the police also discovered a bronze Izuzu pickup truck parked on the road that had a damaged back.Police found the body of 30-year-old Mr. Worachart Wangklang, a Thai national from the northeastern Khon Kaen province, in the middle of the street. Rescuers brought him to the closest hospital right away because he was still alive but had critical injuries. But the victim later passed away from his wounds in a hospital.Mr. Somchat Ruemsri, the 35-year-old pickup truck’s involved driver, was questioned by Sri Racha Police regarding the collision. After finishing filling up his gas tank, the driver stated he was about to make a U-turn in the middle of the road when the dead slammed into the back of him. According to his accusations, Mr. Somchat called the police right away.

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