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A misunderstanding over lounge chair in Cha Am beach.

In Cha-am Beach, Phetchaburi, a recent miscommunication between a visitor and a beach chair vendor led to the vendor’s 15-day suspension from employment. The visitor had inquired about the permitted time after renting a chair for 400 baht. Confusion ensued as the vendor’s response, “Sit for as long as you like, even for days,” was given.

The miscommunication between the staff and the tourist resulted in a conflict including bad language usage, according to Nukoon Pronsomboon Siri, mayor of Cha-am Municipality. The employee was suspended for 15 days as a result of the incident, and the town issued a warning to the owner of the beach chair shop to better supervise their personnel.

The mayor made it clear that visitors may park their cars on Cha-am Beach regardless of whether they rent chairs or not as long as they abide by the rules and do not hinder traffic.

The proprietor of the beach chair company, Sawaeng, 66, apologized to the visitor and made it clear that the statement was a catchphrase frequently used by their staff to interact with visitors. Jirapah, the 48-year-old employee in question, also acknowledged that she had not meant to dispute with or anger the visitor when she truly told them to sit for however long they desired. Both parties hoped that the public would recognize the error.

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