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A homeless person uses a slingshot to hit a Pattaya motorcycle taxi driver in the eye socket.

Last night in Pattaya, a homeless man who was quick with a slingshot and smashed a motorcycle taxi rider’s eyebrow was apprehended.Mr. Nataphol Namman, 55, the driver of the “Win” motorcycle taxi, informed The Pattaya News that he was attacked by a homeless man carrying a slingshot on May 20.Around 11:30 p.m., according to Nataphol, he was waiting for passengers at a motorbike taxi shelter in front of the since-closed Drinking Street Bar on Pattaya Second Road.

The guy waited and then shot two metal items at him from his slingshot for no apparent reason. According to Mr. Nataphol, the first shot struck the shelter’s ceiling, and the second struck him square in the leg.The attacker then fired another shot at Mr. Nataphol, wounding him in the right eye socket and causing him to bleed, as he and his coworkers attempted to apprehend the attacker, a ragged guy thought to be homeless, on their own.

In the end, the victim and his gang chose to call Pattaya Police for help instead of continuing to pursue the homeless man. The policemen responded swiftly, detained the uncooperative homeless man who had no identification, and transported him to a police station to begin legal proceedings.Mr. Nataphol said he wants to see Pattaya officials take effective action against the homeless population. The Win driver claimed that they posed a threat to both locals and visitors.

A homeless man attacked a masseuse in Pattaya last month on April 29 and threw a big limb at her, breaking her head. The suspect was one of several homeless people in Pattaya who lived in vacant buildings and wandered the streets.

On May 18, authorities in Pattaya signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to create a welfare system for beggars and the homeless. To precisely estimate the number of homeless people in the province, research is now being conducted.

Plans and initiatives aiming at improving the quality of homeless people’s lives in the future will be developed using the research’s findings.

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