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4 Big lottery Winners, 12M each

Big lottery Winners

4 Big lottery Winners, 12M each

The Thai Government Lottery winning number is 529924 for the draw on 16 December 2019. There are 4 winners each with a grand win of 12 Million THB from 2 winning tickets.

The lives of these 4 winners have now changed in a positive direction.

The first winner is Rat Malathip 52 years old, a local vegetable seller in Phitsanulok Province. She was on her way to work after dropping off her two children in the morning. Rat went to the gas station and purchased 6 lottery tickets with the number 24, she chose this number because it’s the age of her youngest son.

At around 16.00 when the lottery numbers were just drawn she was at home alone. This is when she heard that the winning numbers had 924 and realized that two of her tickets had the same numbers.

Before confirming the numbers Rat hoped that she would win the three-digit suffix prize, then as she realized that she was holding 12 M in her hand she stood still for a while staring at the tickets. Rat then called her children to come home before they went to file a report with the police together.

The next winner is Umnuay Wanloh 51 years old, he burns coal and looks after buffaloes in Sisaket Province. This was his first time ever purchasing a lottery ticket.

A lottery seller approached him but he didn’t know how to choose a ticket so he told the seller to just pick 2 random tickets for him. That night after purchasing the tickets he had a dream that he saw dead elephants, he drank some elephant bile.

A man followed him in his dream stating that he needed to pay 700 THB for the bile. Umnuay told the man he had no money but he promises to pay after he sells some coal. Then on the 16th Umnuay realized that he had just become a millionaire.

The third winner is Sunetra Kidsen 61 years old, a teacher in Bueng Kan Province. A young child told her to buy the numbers 924.

A few days before the 16th she went to a market and asked a lottery seller to buy the tickets with such numbers.

At first, the seller did not have the number she was looking for but she called another seller who found 2 tickets with the numbers.

The fourth winner is Pornthip Malaithip shared the good news on Facebook stating in the post “My skin is crawling #you can call me Daddy”.

He also attached pictures of 2 lottery tickets with the winning numbers 529924. Pornthip has filed a report with the Phitsanulok Police.


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