Songkran 2017 Video Competion


Competition heating up in our Songkran 2017 video contest.

Just a quick reminder to all you water warriors out there, you only have a few more days to submit your best Songkran 2017 videos.

Thank you so much to all the entries so far, some hilarious shots and it’s not going to be easy picking some winners. We obviously got a few entries that are, shall we say…..x-rated, which we would love to show but for obvious reasons will be keeping in office only.

Not only do we have some fantastic prizes to give away to the lucky winners, including tickets for local attractions, t shirts, sporting equipment and of course, cold hard cash, but the lucky winners will also feature in a unique Songkran 2017 TV show to be broadcast on all of our TV channels.

The show also goes out on our website, facebook and youtube platforms so be sure to check it out to see if you made the cut.

All entries can be sent to us on our facebook page, or by email

Keep them coming in guys!!


  • Ken Anderson

    If anyone has a waterproof camera, you should be able to shoot some interesting footage of the rice farmers daughters in Soi 6.
    We need some more like that one last year who was having her gash chewed at by some tourist.

    • Ken

      My God was that a year ago? Seems like yesterday….

      • Gumble.

        lame brain parkinson’s disease due to your old age is setting in ya drunkard old pommy git

      • Jack La Motta

        Another year older and deeper in debt LOL , remember that song Ken?

    • Jack La Motta

      That was an expensive slip of the tongue for that drunken yankee slob

      • Jack La Motta
        • Ken Anderson

          Yes he was indeed, as was the rice farmers daughter.
          I understand she didn’t work in Soi 6, and she had never engaged in prostitution. On this particular day, her first ever in Pattaya, she was just visiting a friend.

          • Jack La Motta

            And the drunken clown was just speaking in Tongues, she should have turned over, then she could have claimed her actions were just tongue in cheek!

          • with such a degradingly public history that she’s got, i wonder if she’ll ever find herself in a long term relationship with another falang. i don’t think even consider her for ST!

  • amazingthailand

    Im gone songkran all the chicks on the picture

    • Sly

      Carefull you don’t get arrested for spraying icky substances. As a farang you won’t be let off with a warning.

  • Gumble.

    Look at all the dumb farangs in the photos little things please little minds

    • Lizard

      Because you’re an expert when it comes to small minds.

      • Gumble.

        lizard brain with a lizard pecker

    • who are you calling a dumb falang, i was just participating in the soi yodsak festivities

      * shakes feminine fist*

  • soidog

    A ‘fantastic’ prize like a T- Shirt !!!! ‘ ‘ A T- Shirt or the National Lottery Holmes?’ ‘It’s a three piper Watson’…..

  • Jack La Motta

    Is this in North Korea?

    • amazingthailand

      zhqts your question about north or south corean pouing smell all the same everything Inside piink all the same

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