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YouTuber house raided with 87 guns

Photo credit to Bangkokpost

In a shocking turn of events, a Youtuber’s house in Phitsanulok was raided by police, uncovering a staggering collection of firearms and ammunition. The search, conducted in the Ban Krang area, was part of a safety operation ahead of the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Trinsak Wachirasrisirikul, a 33-year-old Youtuber known for his firearms-focused channel called Tacticool BoB, was taken aback when the officers presented a court warrant to search his premises.

To everyone’s astonishment, a whopping 87 guns of different varieties, along with a mind-boggling 4,576 rounds of ammunition and seven magazines, were discovered during the search.

Mr. Trinsak explained to the police that he had inherited the firearms from his father, and they were all registered under his father’s name. However, authorities are now verifying whether the ownership of these weapons has been officially transferred to Mr. Trinsak. If not, he may find himself facing charges related to the unauthorized possession of firearms and ammunition.

This shocking discovery has left the community in shock, raising concerns about the regulations surrounding gun ownership and the responsibility that comes with it.

Stay tuned as the investigation unfolds, revealing more about this astounding stash of weapons and the potential legal consequences that may follow!


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