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X films Couple Arrested

A couple who filmed themselves engaging in sexual activity under a Yang Na tree on the Chiang Mai-Lamphun road in Chiang Mai to create content for their OnlyFans account have been arrested in the neighbouring province of Phayao.

The couple, identified only as Mr Ae and Ms Bee, were detained after they sold a clip with sexual content to have it published on the “” adult website, Pol Lt Gen Piya Tawichai, commissioner of Provincial Police Region 5, said.

As local residents were made aware of the sex video, they blamed the couple for the misfortune that later befell the 100-year-old tree, which they consider sacred.

Police also confiscated 19 cosplay outfits, including costumes for a bank employee and doctor, that were used to film sexual content, as well as passbooks, a mobile phone and a notebook.

The couple were taken to Saraphi police station in Chiang Mai to face charges for breaching Section 287 of the Criminal Code and section 14 of the Computer Act for uploading pornographic material on a computer system that allowed others to access it publicly.

They also face an obscenity charge under Section 388 of the Criminal Code, which carries a fine of up to 5,000 baht.

The couple has shared over 70 videos on social media since last year, many with sexual content. Police also discovered evidence of money received from their subscribers.

Pol Lt Gen Tawichai warned the public that pornography is illegal in Thailand.

He said legal action would be taken against other couples, and that police are working with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society to block access to all such websites.


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