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Woman seeks justice after fight

A 34-year-old woman filed a complaint with the Pattaya police following an assault by a group of tomboys and boys outside a Pattaya pub in the early hours of March 16.

Apasara Sritampawa, shared her ordeal with reporters, detailing how the assault unfolded in front of Area 39 on Pattaya 3rd Road around 4:30 a.m. She said that the altercation stemmed from her previous relationship with one of the assailants, which ended due to infidelity. On the night of the incident, while seated at a nearby table, she became the target of unprovoked aggression from the group.

As she stood outside the pub, engaged in a phone conversation after closing time, the perpetrators began provoking her, pulling her hair, and physically assaulting her. Shockingly, even pub staff joined in the assault, kicking her repeatedly while she was on the ground.

She added that the attack resulted from her ex-partner’s habit of bringing up past issues frequently, leading to the unexpected encounter and violent assault. Apasara sustained injuries to her face, neck, abdomen, and knees as a result. She has filed a formal complaint with the investigating officers at Pattaya Police Station and is scheduled for further questioning 

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