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Trumps pronounces Thailand ‘Thighland,’ world just can’t even


Trumps pronounces Thailand ‘Thighland,’ world just can’t even

You’ve got your Finland for the Fins, Switzerland for your Switzers, Iceland for Ice, and the lands of the Nethers, of course. Certainly there’s room for a home for everyone’s favorite part of the leg between hip and knee?

U.S. President and very stable genius Donald Trump made a compelling case for it today, amazing people around the world today with his pronunciation of the Land of Smiles.

It was at a campaign event which hit the intertubes early this morning that Trump dropped his unique take on “Thailand” while grousing about one of his favorite pet grievances – perceived unfair trade.

“Foreign competitors … shifting production to Thigh-land,” he said during the speech, before quickly correcting himself in the next sentence and expressing his fondness for its undemocratic leadership. “Thailand and Vietnam, two places that I like their leaders very much. … They’re very nice to us … Do they take advantage of the U.S.? Not so much anymore!”

The internet, of course, loved this.

“I used to frequent a strip club called “Thighland.” Great happy hour,” American comedian-radio host Ralph Garman tweeted.

“I love Thigh food,” tweeted Pakistani-American attorney Rabia Chaudry. “Now every Republican will have to say Thighland forever.”

But not the far-right political provocateur Dinesh D’Souza, who showed just what depths toads can dive to by suggesting that Trump was the first person to actually get it right.

“I’m highly amused to see supposedly sophisticated media types snickering at

@realdonaldtrump  for saying ‘Thighland.’ These faux-sophisticates don’t realize Trump’s way of saying it is right. “Tai-land” is the crude lingo of people who have never been to ‘Thighland.’”

Uh, thanks, dude!

Just two days ago, 74-year-old Trump, who’s tried to portray his 77-year-old opponent as fading mentally, was mocked for mispronouncing Yosemite, one of the nation’s most famous national parks, as Yo-Semite.

That came after, well … everything of the past three-plus years.

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