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Tourists encouraged to utilize Google Translate

The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) sent a team of police officers to Bangkok’s Khao San neighborhood to advise foreigners on how to protect themselves from crooks during Songkran.

The only issue is that the advice is in Thai, and tourists are urged to utilize Google Translate to read it.

The small booklet of instruction – in Thai – comes in a waterproof bag that can be worn around the neck and is large enough to store a phone and some cash.

On Wednesday afternoon, a team of female public relations officials and a uniformed police officer arrived to Khao San to warn tourists about pickpockets while they were throwing water at each other. On Thursday, Khao San’s iconic three-day Songkran celebration will begin.

The guidebook is titled “Spell against Thieves” in Thai, followed by the English phrases “beware of thieves” spelled out in Thai to sound like a chant that sounds like “Bi-wa-i-ti A-wa Ti-we-sa.”

The leaflet then goes on to identify five offenses that people should be aware of:

• Burglary: Individuals are encouraged to keep their houses and possessions under lock and key and to notify authorities if they will be gone for several days.

• Mugging: For fear of being mugged in calm, lonely areas, people are advised to stick with groups.

• Pickpocketing: Revellers are advised to avoid carrying valuables or lifting them in the front to prevent thieves from cutting them open.

• Vehicle theft: Partygoers are advised not to park their automobiles in remote areas.

• Molesting: Attendees are warned to safeguard themselves from sexual assault while enjoying themselves at the water party.

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