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Thai woman ‘fleeced’ Brit and had him locked up

Thai woman ‘fleeced’ Brit and had him locked up

Thai woman ‘fleeced’ Brit and had him locked up

Life inside Thai prison where Brit spent six months being ‘beaten, starved and treated like an animal’ after ex fleeced him.

A BRIT who spent six months in a Thai prison after being fleeced by an ex has told of the torture and abuse he suffered behind bars.

Ezra Feehan, 32, spent months in jail – despite never being charged with a crime – after an ex tipped authorities off to say he was working without a visa.

The Brit was left with nothing when his ex-wife took off with his money, travel documents and forced him out of the bar they owned together.

The pair fell in love about four months after Ezra arrived in Thailand in 2012, when they met on a boat from the mainland to Koh Samui.

They travelled as a couple for eight months before marrying later that year and returning to Koh Samui after their honeymoon, where they opened a bar together.

His wife then became “jealous” and left him, taking all his travel documents and making him unable to renew his visa.

She eventually returned with his belongings, but as the bar was in her name Ezra was forced into a bitter battle over ownership and ended up taking a job elsewhere.

Just days after reaching an agreement with his ex and starting work at another nearby bar, two Thai officers arrived at his workplace and arrested him for working on an expired visa – saying an ex had tipped them off.

Ezra told The Sun Online: “I was heartbroken, I was depressed, but I was starting to get my life back together.

“One morning I was cleaning the bar after a busy night, when two well dressed Thai guys came in. They spoke good English, and you always know a Thai guy’s official if he speaks good English.

“One of them asked to see my passport and it hit me, I thought: “Oh s**t, I haven’t renewed my visa.”

Ezra explains in Thailand you have to pay 500 baht for every day you go over your visa expiry date, but says the government can’t charge more than 20,000 baht -giving you a 40-day maximum limit you can stay over your visa expiry.

He said: “I’d gone over that. They just said: ‘Pack a suitcase, we’re taking you to a police station’.

“They said an ex-girlfriend of mine had called and said I was working without a visa. I don’t know if it was my ex-wife or someone from before or after her.


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