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Thai police are using Drones to catch suspect on the run.

Thai police are using Drones to catch suspect on the run.

Police are using drones to keep an eye on suspects on the run. The new adoption of technology amongst Thai police is increasing the chances of capturing those who break the law while trying to escape. Drones allow a wide angle view from the top, giving the police a total view of where the suspect is including the areas where the suspect could possibly be hiding.

One case that the police chose to use a drown in helping them keep track of a suspect while he was attempting to escape from the police in the rice fields. This incident happened on the 21st of this month in Sukhothai province.


The Chief District Officer of Sri Nakhon district Sompong Chomchai and Police Colonel Anuwat Rakcharoen from the Sukhothai police team were notified of a home robbery of Na Somyod Kotsuk, an official working in the government sector of Sri Nakhon district, Sukhothai province.

The thief went in and robbed the house at about 5 am on the 21st. The thief chose to steal a 9mm handgun, a leather bag, watch, 10 Buddhist amulets that belonged to the house owners collection. The police investigated until they got a brief description of the thief and were pretty confident of who it might be.


The police found out that the thief was hiding behind a forest in Klong Mapub, Sri Nakhon province. The police set up around the forest in all angles to search for the thief as he was calmly hiding behind the trees.

The IT department of the district was contacted and went to search for the thief in cooperation with the police. This is where the drone came into the picture, the IT department flew the drone above the forest which allowed an upper view, the search continued on until the next day on the 22nd at about 5 pm when the thief was finally spotted hiding in the shade of the trees.


The thief was Wirut 31 years old when he was found all of the stolen property was still on him. He was arrested thanks to the help of the drone and the IT team that assisted the police in capturing the thief. I the future, hopefully, the Thai police will bring new technologies to assist in investigations and the capturing of suspects for a higher rate of catching criminals and to also make people more aware of the law.


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