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Thai media claims resorts are ‘packed’ for the holiday weekend

Thai media

Thai media claims resorts are ‘packed’ for the holiday weekend

The Thai media have reported that Thailand’s popular beach resorts have been busy over the holiday weekend, but those living in the areas can con rm they are telling lies.

Yesterday Siam Chon News published a story claiming Thai tourists were flooding to the beaches in Pattaya, but their own images, illustrating the same report, revealed empty beaches and a deserted Beach Road.

Elsewhere a news outlet told readers of traffic gridlock and congestion along Sukhumvit Road and South Pattaya, but there was no such thing.

The roads were quite.

Some Thai tourists did turn up and head for Koh Larn but not great numbers, as the image of the pier (below) confirms.

Picture: Siam Chon News – We would hardly call this ‘packed’

The media quoted a Pattaya beach lifeguard called Wichit Manmee as saying that Thais from nearby provinces had been ‘pouring in’ for days. ‘Come to Pattaya,’ he pleaded. ‘It is 100% safe!’

Whilst we cannot blame him for trying, he clearly believes lying is the best policy. Who would have thought that from a native of Pattaya?

One of the few tourists who did travel down from Bangkok for the weekend with his girlfriend, (which rules out most of Pattaya’s features for him) said that the LACK of people was the reason they came to Pattaya.

Calling himself ‘Golf’ the man pointed out that because nobody wants to come to Pattaya anymore the city is extremely cheap to visit.

So whilst most Thais, who previously relocated to Pattaya to make a living from foreign visitors, have left town, news outlets such as Siam Chon News are insisting that the city is now perfect for Thais to visit as there are no foreigners there now. Charming.

Meanwhile even the local food markets are closing down because there is no local trade left to sustain them.

The city mayor, on the other hand, remains particularly pleased with himself.

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