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Thai Lady with an impolite dress trying to attend the Royal ceremony

Thai Lady with an impolite dress trying to attend the royal ceremony (Video Clip Click here)

The unexpected mars lady walk-in to the Royal Cremation Ceremony. As we all Thailandish and multinationals are in grieved and do follow all the rules to attend to the ceremony ground. But she is blocked out.

At the control points, This Lady dress up in Black and Red Roses there are straps crossing over her chest, and on her head, she is wearing a fancy dress hat in black.

She refused to hold her position right at the control point, using her camera to video capture those staff who blocked her from the entrance the ceremony area.

She started arguing about ‘This is not nice to her that she is Thai and want to show her respect to the late king just like everyone else in this place.

“Are you a policeman?” she asks the staff who’s trying to block her and he said “No, I am not a policeman but I am a chief of the security guard and I have every right to ask you to leave.

The other Thai man and lady try to get involved and said’s “you should know your intention to dress like this, please cooperate with us and do not enter the late king ceremony!

“You have no right to do so, Did I break the law?” she asked the man and the man response, No you are not but what you are wearing it is impropered, can’t you see all Thai people are here for pay respect and how important today is?!!!

“If you are in the USA you wouldn’t have to deal with this, this is how Thai treat Thai people, what is your name?” she keeps going on and on with her mom.

By far this is the one and only impolite manner of all the time during the Royal Cremation Ceremony. (Video and picture credit to Cliphanamtalai)

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