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Texas and Louisiana under 7 foot of snow

Texas Snow storms

Californians are snowbound while tornadoes strike Texas and Louisiana.

Communities in San Bernardino County are still buried in a record-breaking snowstorm, and the county has declared an emergency.
Even though more snow was predicted for the weekend, snow-stranded Californians in mountain communities are frantically digging out following a “once-in-a-generation” winter storm.

Twisters recently struck Texas and Louisiana in the most recent bout of extreme weather in the US.

Further severe weather was expected to hit the southern Plains as well as parts of Arkansas and Mississippi, according to forecasters.

Power disruptions have been common across the nation as a result of storm systems.

In order to speed up disaster response and relief efforts, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued an emergency declaration for 13 counties on Wednesday night.

According to the tracking website, there were still power outages in several areas of the state on Thursday evening, with over 51,000 people without power.

Popular Yosemite National Park in the state has been shut down indefinitely due to last week’s record-breaking snowfall.

Around-the-clock snow clearance is begun in San Bernardino County to the east of Los Angeles, but it might take more than a week to reach all locations.

On Thursday, the National Guard was anticipated in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Several of the occupants remained confined to their residences. For households suffering with difficulties like frozen pipes, leaky roofs, and food shortages, the county has established a hotline.

Mariam Magana told CBS News, the BBC’s US partner, that she and her family have been stuck inside their Crestline Airbnb for nearly a week and that their food supplies are running short.

Our three-day getaway became a terrifying nightmare, she stated.

They have phoned California Highway Patrol and the county’s emergency line because their automobiles are buried in 7 feet of snow, but assistance has not yet arrived.

After her daughters had to use both of the EpiPens they had on hand—prescribed to those with potentially dangerous allergies—she said they were also worried about access to medication.

Up to 7 feet of snow have fallen in some parts of California.
On Twitter, a local posted pictures of his nearly six-mile walk in the snow to get groceries.

He used a sled to haul the food to feed his family of five.

Northern California is expected to see rain and new, heavy mountain snows on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Also, the NWS issued warnings for several damaging winds, huge hail, and tornadoes throughout the southern regions of the nation.

According to the NWS’s most recent projection, flash flooding will also be likely from north Texas and eastern Oklahoma into Arkansas and the mid-Mississippi Valley.

As of Thursday night, more than 345 000 households and businesses in Texas without electricity.

The same forecast indicates that regions of Florida will continue to see record hot on Friday.

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