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Swedish Swim Coach Dies After Falling from a Hotel in Pattaya

Swedish Swim Coach Dies After Falling from a Hotel in Pattaya

Tragically, a 60-year-old Swedish swim coach died on Sunday morning after falling from a hotel on Pattaya Third Road, which was located on the third story.
Authorities say that at about 2:06 AM on February 4, Pattaya police got a report about the event. Along with a rescue crew from the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation, they hurried to the scene at an undisclosed hotel on Pattaya Third Road.

Authorities found the dead corpse of the victim, a Swedish swim coach whose name was kept anonymous until his family was notified, by the hotel entrance. He had fallen from his third-story room, which is roughly fifteen meters above the floor. Serious injuries were incurred by the body, including several fractures. The body had a white covering on it.

A 25-year-old security guard named Mr. Nantaphob Luakthaisong saw the incident firsthand and stated that, while on duty, he saw a dark figure fall from the third storey. As soon as he recognized it was a human, he hurried to the location and discovered the victim’s body was severely injured. He called the police right away to ask for help.

The victim’s body showed no indications of a struggle, according to preliminary findings. Nevertheless, the incident’s cause is still unknown. While the hospital awaits the arrival of the victim’s family to claim the corpse and set up funeral rites in accordance with their religious customs, police are currently watching hotel CCTV footage in an effort to gain further information.

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