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Super Yacht Concept That Costs £25M Features Free Bugatti Chiron

Super Yacht

A new super yacht concept offers next-level luxury and even includes a free Bugatti Chiron.

Lazzarini Design Studio has created a new concept, called Xenos, and it’s clearly aimed at those who are used to the finer things in life.

Xenos will cost around $32.8 million (£25m), but for your cash, you’ll not only get a top of the range yacht, you’ll also get yourself one of the fastest and most powerful cars available.

Designed by Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini, the yacht, which he dubs a ‘hyperyacht‘ can reach speeds of 90 knots, making it the fastest 130-footer in the world. Well, it’s the least you’d expect for that price, I suppose.

Measuring 130 feet (39.6 meters) in length and 26 feet (8 meters) in width, the new boat design is crafted from carbon and aluminium and features integrated solar panels.

Conveniently, for these scary times, it’s full of Covid-19 safety features including an air sanitation recycling system, thermal scanners which will help to monitor temperatures and UV-C/UV-V germicidal lamps, according to

It also has a special bridge that allows you to drive your Buggati straight onto the dock and off to wherever you fancy.

The boat’s windows change their transparency based on how bright it is outside – a bit like those reactions glasses your geography teacher used to have, but a lot cooler when it’s on a boat and not a 45-year-old fella in a bad suit.

As you can probably imagine from the eye-watering price tag the Xenos is fully customisable meaning you can pick the layout of your living room, suites and other living spaces.

There’s a trunk area where you can store your jet skis and other water sports equipment.
You can also mess around with the engines, meaning you can choose your horsepower between 7,300 bhp and 15,000 bhp.

As well as the ‘hyperyacht‘, Lazzarini has also shared concepts for the ‘Seajet Piercer‘ which is designed around the same boat, but would be used as a commercial boat and could carry up to 180 passengers in fairly luxurious surroundings and would benefit from the wealth of safety features mentioned above.

You can read more about Xenos here.

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