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Staff narrowly escape building collapse

Staff narrowly escape building collapse

 A woman who works at an eatery narrowly escaped the collapse of an adjacent building as it was being demolished on Sunday afternoon.

The two-storey building collapsed on Charoen Muang Road in Muang district in this northeastern province at about 2pm on Sunday. The old building originally had four floors. Two upper floors had been torn down and two lower floors were left just before the collapse.

The Public Relations Department reported that on Sunday a backhoe was used to demolish the building. The structure was pulled down with ropes because the demolition firm intended the rubble to fall into an empty area behind the building.

However, the building suddenly collapsed and a part of it hit an eatery next door.

Sakon Nakhon governor Nathawat Wiriyanapaporn said on Sunday that the demolition was licensed and there was an engineer supervising the demolition.

He ordered that the collapse site and the eatery be cordoned off and that officials ensure safe procedures before the demolition can resume.

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