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Spending money for Pattaya – How much is enough?

Spending money for Pattaya – How much is enough?

I was recently asked by a friend planning a trip to Pattaya how much spending money he needed for a two week break, and, well, it stumped me.

The truth was I didn’t know what a good rate to ensure he had a good time.

Pattaya is a city of variety so what may be enough for Jack, won’t be enough for John, as they have different plans. If you were planning on playing golf everyday then that is 2,000 baht a day you would need to set aside for starters.

If you want to come here for the nightlife then spending money varies on where you drink. A bottle of beer starts from maybe 40 baht and goes up to 200 baht depending on where you are.

So, the question still remains, for a typical ‘punter in Pattaya’ what is considered enough money to have a good time?

Speaking to a group of guys in Soi Baokhao whom were pretty much here for the nightlife they budgeted around 10,000 baht for their accommodation over a two week stay and 2,500 baht per day spending. This sample, at very least, needed 47,000 baht for their two week vacation (air fare aside).

I still don’t sit comfortably with this figure though, and wouldn’t want to quote it to any would be visitor to Pattaya. You can spend a fortune or you can still spend very, very little. The price range between individuals can be huge, now just for fun, here is an example of how it can be done super cheap and yet still be fun.

If you looked hard enough you could find an air con room for 200 baht per night, that’s fewer than 3,000 baht for the fortnight! You can eat for 100 baht per day from Thai food stalls and have 8 beers a night at 320 baht per day.

That’s 8,880 baht for a fortnight break in Pattaya for the guy that loves a beer, so let’s round it up to 10,000 baht – for toothpaste, soap etc – and it’s still looking low.

This article is designed just to be playful but it does illustrate how Pattaya can still very much cater for all budgets, you only have to look at the Hilton, Ocean Marina and the likes to recognize the city can pull in high spenders too.

Source – DC – Inspire

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