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Ryan Garcia’s Weight Miss Overshadows Haney Bout

Garcia Overweight and Controversy Clouds Haney Fight

In a surprising turn of events, Ryan Garcia came in 3.2 pounds (1.45kg) over the super lightweight limit for his upcoming world title fight against undefeated Devin Haney. This adds to the drama of an already contentious buildup to the anticipated match.

At the ceremonial weigh-ins, after failing to make weight, Garcia was seen chugging a beer on stage. However, he later claimed it was just apple juice and sparkling water. Taking to social media, Garcia hinted that missing weight might have been intentional, saying, “I feel great and I got a 3-pound advantage. Winners do what they have to do; I’m still sharp.”

Despite the weight miss and the controversy, last-minute negotiations have ensured that the fight will still proceed. However, Haney’s WBC world title belt will not be on the line. If Garcia loses, the belt will remain vacant.

In the lead-up to the weigh-ins, Haney had been taunting Garcia about his weight, predicting that Garcia would fail to make the limit. Garcia, who had previously fought Oscar Duarte at 143 pounds despite a 140-pound limit, accepted a deal proposed by Haney at the final press conference. He agreed to pay $500,000 USD for every pound he was over the weight limit. Haney confirmed that Garcia has honored the deal, amounting to $1.5 million ($2.34m AUD).

Golden Boy Promotions released a statement confirming the fight’s continuation, stating, “We have a fight.” Haney also acknowledged the payment, tweeting, “Ryan honored the 500k per pound.”

Addressing the crowd, Garcia expressed his efforts to make weight, saying, “I did my best to make this weight. I put myself through hell.” Despite receiving boos from the audience, Garcia remarked, “I had to give up $1.5 million, but that’s light work for me.”

As part of the last-minute negotiations, Garcia will also forfeit an undisclosed portion of his purse to Haney.

The buildup to this fight has been marred by Garcia’s unusual behavior, raising concerns about his mental well-being and sparking calls for the fight’s cancellation, even from his own family.

Credit: Fox Sports Australia

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