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Russian ambassador claims Belarus to have nuclear weapons soon

Within the frontiers of NATO, an ambassador claims that Moscow will place nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Notwithstanding “buzz in Europe and the United States,” according to the Russian ambassador to Belarus, weapons will be moved to an ally’s territory.

The Russian envoy to Minsk has declared that Russia will deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus close to its ally’s borders with NATO nations, escalating already tense relations with the West.

The weapons will be transported to Belarus’ western border as part of efforts to “guarantee security,” according to Boris Gryzlov, the Russian ambassador to Belarus, who made the announcement on Sunday evening.

According to Gryzlov, “This will be done notwithstanding the clamor in Europe and the United States.” Gryzlov was speaking to Belarusian state television.

Without mentioning the precise location of the weapons, Gryzlov stated that a storage facility would be finished by July 1.

The envoy made his remarks after Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed plans to place tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus last month.

The NATO military alliance, which was initially created to thwart Soviet expansion in Europe after World War II, borders Belarus with Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland, all of which are NATO members. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February of last year, NATO has more than doubled the number of soldiers it has in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

One of Putin’s closest supporters, the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, stated on Friday that tactical nuclear weapons and a portion of Russia’s strategic nuclear arsenal may be stationed on Belarusian soil.

Strategic nuclear weapons have a longer range and higher yield; tactical nuclear weapons are built for limited attacks on the battlefield.

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