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Rescued from a 4-hour nightmare in Pattaya sewage was an American tourist

Rescued from a four-hour horror in Pattaya sewage was an American visitor. At the entrance to Soi 8 Thep Prasit, Moo 11, Nong Prue subdistrict, Bang Lamung district, a security guard was perplexed when he overheard a voice coming from behind a covered drain.

When he noticed the foreigner, who was just wearing one pair of shorts, buried in Pattaya’s underground sewage, he immediately called for assistance after following the sound.By the time the Sawang Boriboon Foundation was dispatched to the scene at 7.30 p.m., the captive visitor had drawn a throng. The traveler was safely extricated from the 3-metre-deep hole by rescue personnel after they removed the iron sewer grate. The American requested water from the rescue crew since he was obviously thirsty.

The visitor, who identified himself as Jonathan from America, was taken to the scene by members of the visitor Police and Mueang Pattaya Police Station to learn what transpired.The 36-year-old told the police that he had traveled with his American girlfriend and had landed in Thailand on Friday, May 12. Two kilometers from the location of Jonathan’s rescue, the couple was residing in a condo on Thappraya Road.

Jonathan claims that sometime in the afternoon while returning to the unit, he unexpectedly slipped into an open sewage drain. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to escape.

Jonathan claimed that despite shouting for hours, nobody could hear his hushed screams for assistance. So, in the dark, Jonathan searched for a route out as he waded through the mud. Until the security guard finally came across him after four hours.Chalee, a security guard of 26 years old, claimed that while riding his motorcycle through Pattaya, he stopped at a convenience store to buy a bottle of water.

Chalee claimed to have overheard a crying foreign man. He investigated the noise and discovered Jonathan suffocated beneath the pipe cover. Chalee claimed he was shocked but immediately dialed for assistance.

Police accompanied Jonathan back to his unit for a shower and some rest because they stated he didn’t appear to have any wounds or injuries from his experience in the sewers.After the traveler has recovered from the incident, police stated they will question him again because the information he provided was “not very useful.”

According to the police, Jonathan’s speech was slurred. According to the police, he didn’t say much other than that he was a sports coach and that he and his girlfriend had traveled through Cambodia before entering Thailand as tourists. Police stated that they are still unsure of how he got into the drain.

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