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Pattaya’s Walking Street gets ‘family’ make-over.

Walking Street in south Pattaya is facing its biggest makeover in decades early next year for a more “family-orientated” feel. The unsightly hanging wires are set to be buried underground in an effort to beautify the infamous red-light street to appeal to families.


But not everyone is thrilled about it – the operators are worried about the effect on their business of the anticipated three months of work.

Yesterday a meeting was held attended by mayor Anan Jaroenchasri, City Hall officials, electrical engineers and bar and restaurant owners.

The operators, in particular, wanted to know what would happen and how the effect on profits could be limited.

The ”hanging wires of Thailand” have been a growing problem for many years and they continue to multiply. A budget of Bt11.6 billion has been set aside to bury the wires in four major cities, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Korat and Pattaya, but there are fears the budget will be eaten up by corruption.

Pattaya is receiving Bt3.1 billion for work on eight roads – with Walking Street being the fourth in line and looking forward to public accounts where the money is honestly spent.

Work on Sukhumvit, north and central Pattaya is now about 50-per-cent complete, according to the authorities.

A total of 46 kilometres of wires will have been buried in Pattaya when the work is finally completed by 2021, it was claimed.

But overhead cables continue to be installed in Pattaya and adjacent Soi Khaotalo and Soi Khaonoi have cables are being added daily.

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