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Pattaya theft suspect’s girlfriend caught with stolen goods

Pattaya theft suspect's girlfriend caught with stolen goods

The girlfriend of a theft suspect who went to the Pattaya Police Station to show support for her boyfriend found herself arrested after police found stolen items in her possession.

On Wednesday, June 26, 35-year-old Samphan Prabkratum was apprehended by Pattaya police based on a warrant issued by the Pattaya Provincial Court on June 7. He was facing burglary charges related to a string of theft incidents, including a break-in at a dental clinic in Pattaya where he allegedly stole 150,000 baht in cash, two mobile phones, an iPad, a gold bracelet, and several amulets around 3 am on May 15.

After tracking Samphan to a room in Soi Khao Phai in Pattaya, police arrested him and confiscated various stolen items. Despite his denial of all charges during questioning, police detained him based on clear CCTV footage implicating him in the burglary.

While Samphan was being interrogated, his girlfriend appeared at the police station wearing multiple pieces of expensive jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, watches, and rings. A check of the data revealed that some of these items were stolen goods from another theft case. The victim of the second incident identified these items as having been stolen by Samphan during a burglary on June 21, leading to the arrest and charges against his girlfriend as well.

According to police reports, Samphan had a history of arrests for theft and drug-related offenses and had been released from prison in 2022. Unemployed, he turned to theft to support his online gambling addiction.

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