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Pattaya fears massive oil slick 

Pattaya fears massive oil slick

An extensive oil slick which appeared off Pattaya on Saturday is being linked to the escape of three pirate oil smuggling vessels from Sattahip last weekend

Recently, online footage has emerged depicting boats navigating through oil-contaminated waters in Pattaya Bay. The observer recording the scene commented on the visible presence of oil across the sea, suggesting a possible connection to missing oil vessels.

Following up on these reports, journalists conducted an investigation along the shoreline linked to Pattaya Bay on June 15. Aerial photographs revealed significant oil-like substances mixed within the seawater near Bali Hai Cape. Although a breakwater has been deployed to contain the oil slick and prevent it from advancing towards Pattaya city, traces of contamination persist.

Moreover, during the investigation, oil-like residues and a faint petroleum odor were detected along the beach at Bali Hai Cape. This discovery has sparked concerns regarding potential impacts on marine ecosystems and the tourism industry in Pattaya, prompting urgent appeals for relevant authorities to conduct a thorough inquiry.

An online commentator noted, “The vicinity around Bali Hai Cape seems to discharge wastewater, as there is always a foul odor whenever I pass by on a boat.” This observation underscores ongoing environmental challenges in the area, stressing the critical need for immediate intervention and measures to safeguard the local ecology and sustain the tourism sector.

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