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Pattaya drug dealer caught with 5kg of ganja

Pattaya drug dealer caught with 5kg of ganja

Pattaya police have made the arrest of a suspected drug dealer operating around the South Pattaya area after setting up a successful sting operation.

Just after midnight on October 30th, Pattata police swooped in to arrest the 43 year old Thai suspect in his rented room.

There, they found 5kg of ganja, which the suspect had intended to sell to an undercover foreigner used by police, a mobile phone and 85,000 baht, money which had been marked and used in the fake transaction.

Police had been tracking the suspect for several weeks, but had been unable to collect enough solid evidence to bring the man in, which is why they finally decided to set up the sting operation.

The initial communication for the transaction was made using the Line application, in which a deal was agreed for 10kg of ganja, at a cost of 140,000 baht.

On the day of the exchange, however, only 5kg was available at a price of 85,000 baht. This was still a suitable sized transaction for police to move in, and so they agreed to go ahead with the undercover plan.

As soon as the money had exchanged hands, the signal was made and police moved in swiftly to arrest the suspect.

Photo’s were taken at the scene, and the the evidence rounded up and taken down to the police station, along with the suspect who was further questioned regarding his role in the business.

Police have reason to believe that there are other suspects linked to the case and will hold back on any charges just yet, until they decide whether to go after the remaining suspects.

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