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Passengers Noses And Ears Bleed After Crew Forget To Set Cabin Air Pressure

Passengers Noses And Ears Bleed After Crew Forget To Set Cabin Air Pressure

Flying can be scary enough as it is – ascending into the air in a giant metal contraption just doesn’t feel natural. But you can at least count on the cabin crew to ensure the plane and the passengers are under safe control.

For a number of passengers on a Jet Airways flight, the opposite was true when they were left bleeding from their ears and noses after the air cabin crew forgot to turn on the cabin pressure.

A video has emerged showing the crowd on the flight from Mumbai in western India to Jaipur in the north using oxygen masks that we all hope we never have to use while up in the air.

Credit: CEN

According to local media, out of 166 passengers, 30 of them suffered ear and nose bleeding while dozens more complained of migraines.

It wasn’t until shortly after take-off that the crew released the oxygen masks as they turned back to Mumbai to sort out the bungle, landing safely and shipping off a number of those affected to be treated at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

Sources told India Today TV that during take-off, the Jet Airways crew forgot to activate what is known as the ‘bleed switch’. Because of this mishap, the air pressure in the cabin dropped dramatically and that’s when the masks were deployed.

Credit: CEN

As you can see in the footage, the travellers involved in the incident remained pretty calm while the cabin crew turned the plane around.

After doctors attended those who were affected, five had to be admitted to Mumbai’s Nanavati Hospital.

Dr Rajendra Patankar, the hospital’s chief operating officer, said: “They are under observation… Some are suffering from mild conductive deafness, which might continue till a week. We have advised them not to fly again till they recover.”

The airline organised alternative flights for a number of passengers, but some are still left shocked by the ordeal. One angry passenger wrote on social media: “The plane had to make an emergency landing. The cabin crew was unprofessional while ground staff were inept. No reps or guides.”

Apparently the cabin crew involved have been taken off duty while the airline investigates the incident. It certainly puts things into perspective – we all love to complain about Ryanair’s baggage allowance, but as shown by this incident, it could be far worse.

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