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Nightlife experts deemed that Pattaya is no longer as entertaining as it use to be

Nightlife pattaya one March 10 2024

Stickman Bangkok, a renowned commentator on bars and clubs since 1998, boldly asserts that Pattaya has shed its infamous reputation. In his latest weekly online post dated March 10, he argues that Pattaya is swiftly evolving towards diversification and respectability. What was once predominantly a destination for middle-aged white men has now transformed into a popular family vacation spot.

Stickman reminisces about Pattaya’s peak period, spanning from 1998 to 2010, when the resort progressed from a quiet beach town to a well-developed resort town offering a variety of entertainment, shopping, and accommodation options while still retaining its original charm. During this time, Pattaya remained a hub for middle-aged white male visitors. Presently, Stickman opines that Pattaya lacks the vibrancy and edginess it once possessed and has become somewhat repetitive and ordinary.

Many long-time residents in Pattaya are likely to echo Stickman’s sentiments, as he bravely voices what many had been thinking. The Pattaya of today is noticeably different, characterized by towering concrete structures upon arrival, and no longer a budget-friendly choice for the thrifty traveler. Areas once dominated by the sex industry, like Soi Six and Soi Buakhao, have dwindled in number and appeal, with mobile phones replacing discreet glances.

The iconic Walking Street has undergone a significant transformation, with a more upscale ambiance and a potential future dominated by Indian clubs and bars catering to Asian travelers. While Stickman does not delve into the gay scene centered around Jomtien Complex and Boyztown, he acknowledges noteworthy changes there as well. What used to be pickup bars and go-go joints have largely given way to establishments offering lively drag shows and laid-back social venues, where conversing takes precedence over sexual encounters, yet these spots continue to attract crowds most nights.

Reviving Pattaya’s sex-centric image seems improbable, especially with the Thai government’s drive to attract tourists from key markets like Russia, China, and India by offering visa-free travel. With Thailand’s declining birth rate and the improved economic prospects for young Thais, the days of resorting to the sex trade for livelihood are dwindling. The growth of Pattaya’s MICE market, the expansion of luxury accommodations, the evolving entertainment options catering to families, and various other factors indicate a future vastly different from what it was 15 years ago.

While nostalgia for the past is common as one ages, Stickman fondly recalls memorable figures from Pattaya’s yesteryears, like Glitterman or the lady who adorned herself with tarantulas to shock newcomers, highlighting the shifting landscape of the city. The potential decline of Pattaya’s sex industry is a prospect worth pondering. For a more in-depth exploration, readers can visit Stickman’s article on and assess the evolving landscape of Pattaya for themselves.


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