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New Durian Export Standards

New Durian Export Standards

 Thailand is set to introduce new product standards for durian exports to enhance quality and global market competitiveness. Under Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s directive, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives will draft regulations targeting the sale of unripe or substandard durians, specifying dry weight requirements for various types: 32% for Monthong, 30% for Chanee, and 28% for Kra Dum. 

Last year, Thailand shipped 900,000 tonnes of durian, with 300,000 tonnes consumed domestically and the bulk of the remainder exported to China, where demand for the fruit is on a rapid rise. Predictions indicate that demand in China could reach 1 million tonnes this year and potentially increase fifteen-fold in the future.

In response to these market dynamics, Thailand aims to elevate the value of its durian exports to 1 trillion baht. The Office of Agricultural Economics reports an expected increase in durian harvests this year, covering 424,729 rai of land, up from 390,177 rai last year.  The durian season, however, faces the impacts of climate change, affecting the output of premium varieties.

Despite these challenges, the Kasikorn Research Center forecasts that the value of Thai durian exports to China will rise to US$4.5 billion in 2024, marking a 12% increase from 2023.

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