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Nepal to ban solo trekkers

Nepal bans solo trekkers

In an effort to save potentially expensive search and rescue operations, Nepal will forbid individual trekkers from setting out on their own beginning next month.

According to the Nepal Tourism Board, the nation will now forbid solo trekkers throughout the entirety of Nepal, after first outlawing such climbers on Mount Everest five years ago. a……………… to………

“The decision has been decided following a series of meetings with the trekking and expedition stakeholders and relevant trade unions in Nepal, to assist prevent unpleasant incidences like getting lost while traveling, having health problems, or experiencing natural disasters, etc.,”

A notice was written by the tourism board. “With its implementation, trekkers will have rapid access to [a] professional support system and will assist in tackling the difficulties of rescue operations in case of any unforeseen event,” the statement reads. In addition to ensuring safety, the new measure will generate jobs for Nepali tourism industry personnel and deter illicit trekking operations there.

Some of the tallest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest, the tallest from sea level to summit, are found in Nepal’s Himalayan peaks. According to CNN, Mani R. Lamichhane, director of the Nepal Tourist Authority, saving single travelers will cost a lot of money.

When you travel alone, there is no one to assist you in an emergency, according to Lamichhane. “When they are moving through urban areas, it is OK, but in the far-off highlands, the infrastructure is inadequate. Even the government is unable to locate visitors who go missing or are confirmed dead because they traveled through rural areas.”

While trekking in Nepal is a must-do experience, there are other incredible hikes that are accessible from home, such as Mauna Kea in Hawaii, which is a National Natural Landmark and, when measured from its base beneath the Pacific Ocean, is actually taller than Everest.

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