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Murdaugh Guilty as Charged

Murdaugh Guilty Verdict

lex Murdaugh was convicted Thursday of gunning down his wife and son after a panel of 12 jurors returned a guilty verdict after less than three hours of deliberations.

The jury found Murdaugh, 54, guilty of two counts each of murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime without posing a single question to the judge while weighing the case. 

Murdaugh looked shattered as the clerk read the devastating verdict. His only living son, Buster, sat in the gallery, shaking his head in disbelief and wiping his face with his hand. But he did not appear to shed a tear. 

“Obviously, we’re disappointed. But, until he’s sentenced, we will have no further comment,” Murdaugh’s attorney, Jim Griffin, told reporters outside the courthouse.

“What a great day for the state of South Carolina,” the state’s Attorney General, Alan Wilson, told a crowd of around 100 that had gathered outside the Colleton County Courthouse for a post-verdict press conference.

A handful of spectators heckled Murdaugh as he exited the courthouse. Murdaugh’s family, including Buster, was escorted out of the courthouse by a secure exit.

The panel’s decision, which could send Murdaugh away for life, came after it endured a grueling six-week trial and testimony from 76 witnesses. Sentencing is scheduled for Friday morning at 9:30.

Prosecutors argued Murdaugh used a shotgun to kill his son, Paul, 22, inside a feed room attached to the dog kennels at the family’s estate, Moselle, and a rifle to execute his wife, Maggie, 52, June 7, 2021. 

Alex Murdaugh is led out of the Colleton County Courthouse after being found guilty on all counts Thursday, March 2, 2023, in Walterboro, S.C. (Mark Sims for Fox News Digital )

The disbarred attorney carried out the double slayings to stave off a devastating financial reckoning, Assistant Attorney General Creighton Waters told jurors. 

The wealthy scion of a once powerful legal dynasty has admitted he’s a drug addict and thief who allegedly swindled his law firm and clients out of nearly $9 million.

But he denied killing his wife and son.


The most damning piece of evidence against Murdaugh was a cellphone video recovered from Paul’s phone in 2022 that placed Alex at the murder scene with the victims four minutes before prosecutors say they were shot to death at 8:50 p.m.

For months, Murdaugh repeatedly told investigators, friends and his own family that he did not go to the dog kennels the night of the slayings. He claimed, instead, that he was napping at the main house perched on a hill then left to visit his mother in nearby Almeda at 9:07 p.m.

When he returned, he didn’t find them at the main house, so he drove to the kennels, where he said he came upon their mutilated bodies about 30 feet apart, checked their pulses and called 911.

But GPS data from his Chevrolet Suburban revealed he dialed 911 less than 20 seconds after he pulled up.

“Nineteen seconds. Is that enough time for a surprised human being to come across that scene, process what they are seeing, get out of the car, go over there, check both their bodies then call 911?” Waters wondered in his closing argument. 

“The reason why it’s so quick is because he knew exactly what scene he was going to find,” the prosecutor told jurors. Murdaugh claimed when he testified he had checked their pulses while he was on the phone with 911.

Murdaugh admitted publicly for the first time when he testified to lying to investigators in three separate interviews about his presence at the kennels that night.

He claimed his oxycodone addiction made him paranoid of law enforcement, although he had an exceptionally cozy relationship with local prosecutors and the surrounding sheriffs’ offices.

Alex Murdaugh, Morgan Doughty, Paul Murdaugh and Maggie Murdaugh. In a Netflix documentary, Doughty alleges Paul physically abused her. (Courtesy of Netflix)

Three generations of the Murdaugh family served as the top prosecutor overseeing five counties in South Carolina’s Lowcountry for 87 years, a reign that ended when Alex Murdaugh’s late father Randolph Murdaugh III retired in 2005. 

The Murdaugh name wielded enormous influence, and Alex Murdaugh even served as a volunteer prosecutor who carried a badge and had blue police lights installed on his private vehicle.

Waters told jurors Murdaugh was a cunning conman who tried to deceive them when he took the stand last week.

“This is a man who made his trade on lying. He lied about the most important facts in the case and effortlessly and easily pivoted to a new lie when confronted by something he wasn’t prepared for,” Waters said of Murdaugh’s testimony.

“He fooled Maggie and Paul, too, and they paid for it with their lives. Don’t let him fool you, too,” the prosecutor said.

The defense called 14 witnesses, including experts who testified that Maggie’s shooter was no taller than 5 feet, four inches, and that there were likely two killers

Defense lawyers Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin repeatedly portrayed Murdaugh as a doting father and husband incapable of committing such a brutal and heinous crime.

Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin

Griffin argued in summations that investigators “failed miserably” in their probe.

He rattled off all the alleged missteps made by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the state attorney general’s office, who he argued zeroed in on Murdaugh without considering other suspects.

“On behalf of Alex, on behalf of Buster, on behalf of Maggie and on behalf of my friend, Paul, I respectfully request that you do not compound a family tragedy with another. Thank you,” said Griffin, as his voice cracked with emotion.

Murdaugh faces up to life in prison when he’s sentenced.

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