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More staff and auto gates to be added at Suvarnabhumi airport

suvarnabhumi pattaya one Feb 26 2024

Additional staff and more automatic processing gates are being assigned by airport and immigration authorities in response to complaints by the Prime Minister about slow passenger queues at Suvarnabhumi airport. The president of Airports of Thailand, Kerati Kijmanawat, provided reassurance after jointly inspecting the airport with Pol Maj Gen Choengron Rimpadee, the commander of Immigration Division 2, on Sunday.

In light of Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s feedback on immigration queues being too lengthy and sluggish during a surprise visit, Mr. Kerati acknowledged the existing issue. He mentioned that passengers were spending around one hour and ten minutes on immigration procedures during busy times and an average of 46 minutes. At peak hours, the airport was handling 5,000-6,000 passengers per hour.

Setting a target to reduce waiting times to 30 minutes, Mr. Kerati mentioned that AoT plans to bring in 800 new staff to assist with searches and passenger support by March 30. Additionally, they have requested immigration police to ensure full staffing at all immigration booths during peak hours.

To address the challenges, Immigration Division 2 will allocate 200 new officers to Suvarnabhumi airport by March 1, with an additional 400 by year-end. Further measures include the installation of 80 more automatic channels by July 15, equipped with enhanced software for passport checks, and introducing 20 new gates by June 15.

The introduction of advanced technology aims to streamline processes, including power bank checks and eliminating the need for passengers to remove their shoes. A Common Use Passenger Processing System has been set up on the fourth floor of the passenger terminal, allowing travelers to self-check-in and load luggage. Additionally, 24 airlines have been urged to open check-in services four hours before departure times.

Looking ahead, AoT plans to expand the eastern side of the passenger terminal by 2027, as shared by Mr. Kerati.


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