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Moldova’s Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita Steps down

Natalia Gavrilita

Following a tumultuous 18 months in office and a continuous battle at its border, Moldova’s Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita announced Friday that her cabinet was stepping down.

Gavrilita did not specify whether the choice was a direct reaction to the conflict between Russia and its neighbor, Ukraine.

Shortly before the declaration, the country’s defense ministry reported that a Russian missile had breached its airspace and that it had summoned its Russian representative amid a new Russian offensive against Ukraine.

The governor of Luhansk has issued a warning that Russia is preparing to launch a significant offensive in eastern Ukraine and is attempting to breach Kreminna’s fortifications.

The Ukrainian capital Kyiv experienced explosions on Friday as missiles targeted multiple high-voltage infrastructure nationwide and cut off the country’s power supply.

According to the governor of the Luhansk region, Moscow is preparing yet another significant attack with a primary focus on eastern Ukraine, with Russian forces attempting to breach defenses close to the town of Kreminna.

Local authorities in Zaporizhzhia, in the southeast, claim that at least 17 missiles struck the city in an hour. Kharkiv reportedly reported approximately 10 explosions and said that power had been cut in some places.

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