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Minor traffic mishap ends up escalating

traffic mishap pattaya one Feb 28 2024

A minor traffic incident in Pattaya escalated into a heated confrontation outside a nearby police station yesterday, leading to rising tensions and physical altercations.

Allegedly, Watcharaphon Phonpakdee, a 36-year-old BMW driver, rear-ended Theerapong Manisri’s Toyota Yaris near a gas station on Soi Phothisan.

Unable to resolve the issue at the scene, both parties proceeded to the Pattaya Police Station, where emotions ran high, resulting in a call for backup. Three individuals said to be associated with Watcharaphon arrived in a Nissan Teana and reportedly initiated a physical altercation with Theerapong’s associates.

The chaotic situation drew the attention of local law enforcement, who swiftly intervened, gathering all involved individuals for questioning. Separate inquiries were launched to determine responsibility for the initial collision and to address the subsequent scuffle at the police station.


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