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Mayor debunks claims of waste water released into the sea

Waste water pattaya one Feb 8 2024

This week, Pattaya City officials, headed by Mayor Mr. Poramase Ngampiches, made a visit to Wong Amat Beach to respond to allegations circulating online regarding the discharge of wastewater into the sea.

The inspection was prompted by a video that claimed murky water was being released into Pattaya Bay by certain coastal establishments.

Accompanied by representatives from the Pattaya City Council, Tourist Police, City Police, and the City Engineering Department, Mr. Poramase validated that the water depicted in the video was actually overflow from heavy rainfall occurring on January 30th, rather than wastewater. He clarified that the intense rain had caused the rainwater to surpass the drainage capacity in Soi Naklua 16, resulting in a temporary overflow that subsequently flowed into the sea, as depicted in the video.

Regarding the water’s color, Mr. Poramase specified that the water was indeed creamy-white, not dark, owing to the accumulation of sediment in the drainage system which mixed with the rainwater. However, the inspection also revealed sand blockages in specific coastal drainage pipes, which authorities promptly cleared to ensure effective drainage.

“We acknowledge the concerns raised online,” stated Mr. Poramase. “We want to reassure everyone that we have established regulations, and we will continue to conduct regular inspections, particularly after heavy rainfall, to guarantee the safety and quality of Pattaya’s seawater.”


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