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Man who drove motorbike into store is now sorry

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Man who drove motorbike into store is now sorry

Pictures of a man who drove his motorbike into a convenience store are now sorry for his actions after the pictures went viral online and received heavy backlash from the public.

Convenience stores and supermarkets in Thailand have stopped giving out plastic bags to customers starting from 1 January 2020. Since then pictures have surfaced online of customers using various items instead of single-use plastic bags.

Most of the pictures are seen as funny and show that change can be hard, especially for a nation that uses so much plastic. In this case, the man’s action is not funny and is seen as extremely rude and inappropriate.

Today (6 January 2020) Pornthep Suwanprasert 40 years old an admin of the 4option Facebook group who is also the man’s best friend has come out to Khaosod about the incident.

The original post with the pictures that went viral captioned “#why am I hungry at bedtime. They don’t give me a bag but are selling them for 3 THB. It’s not that I don’t want to pay but just wondering. I’ll just put it in my motorbike. Earth lovers go away”.

Pornthep revealed that a video of the incident was also shared with a group of close friends.

The friends didn’t think anything of it at the moment. The man told Pornthep that he had purchased a lot of items, about 700 THB.

He told the staff that he would just drive his motorbike into the store. The staff smiled but didn’t reply, they probably thought he wouldn’t actually do it.

The man has a lot of followers online and he normally uploaded some funny videos, so the friends didn’t expect the loud backlash.

The man is feeling terrible from his actions as he didn’t think much of it when the incident took place. He has admitted that he didn’t think through his actions.

There is news that the police want to have a talk with him and he is willing to do so. Pornthep stated “I wish to apologize for my friend, it might’ve been a bad example for the people and inspired others to copy. I want to say that we shouldn’t follow bad examples.

The incident has been a great lesson for my friend. He’ll think more carefully before recording a video”.





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