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Man found dead in detention cell at the Nong Prue police station

This morning, June 10, 2023, a 37-year-old Thai man was discovered dead in a holding cell at the Nongprue Police Station. Police think that the man’s death was caused by alcohol-related health issues. Mr. Supol Suklueang, the victim, was detained at a drunk driving checkpoint in Raviphon Village, Nong Mai Kaen, at 7 PM on June 9th.

On Monday, June 12, he was accused with driving while intoxicated and taken to a detention facility to await court. The sufferer, who was lying on his back, appeared lifeless and had not moved for hours, a fellow prisoner reported to guards at 7:00 AM this morning, June 10.

Supol was discovered to be dead and had passed away in the previous night, roughly two to three hours previously, according to additional inspection by Pol. Lt. Col. Anuchet Kassomboon, Deputy Superintendent of Investigation. There were no indications of abuse or a struggle, and the CCTV footage merely captured Supol looking to be asleep.

Supol was a construction worker who was originally from Sisaket, and several of his coworkers traveled to meet with Lt. Col. Anuchet around midday today and claimed that Supol had a serious alcohol problem. The coworkers claimed they never saw Supol sober, not even at work, and that he always had a flask with him.

Supol had recently been in and out of hospitals due to liver issues, and physicians had begged with him to cut back on drinking, according to Supol’s coworkers. Although a thorough autopsy would be conducted, according to Lt. Col. Anuchet, the cause of the death was now thought to be alcohol-related health problems.

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